We help medical cosmetology companies greatly improve efficiency!

The 3D structured light

adapts to the high-resolution imaging process under ambient light.

Self-contained light source with strong adaptability

Available at night to capture dynamic expressions Face recognition, makeup changes

Wide range of consumer-grade and industrial-grade prospects

Lightweight and easy to carry, high ductility, easy to promote large- scale industry-wide applications

Creative Design

Rock chip Pro3300 Facial recognition dedicated to ensure stable production capacity and supply cost

What Our Customers
Have to Say

SEM Medical cosmetology – Enterprise

Usouler provides us with high-definition resolution video solutions that help us quickly model consumer’s faces and process data in real time, allowing customers to visually see what they expect after medical cosmetology treatment. 50% lower customer complaint rate than before

Shanghai Jiahua-Enterprise Users

Our customized smart makeup mirrors from Usouler are presented to our vip users. The built-in skin testing function and product promotion function perfectly match our cosmetics industry. It is an important tool for our company and other traditional daily chemical enterprises to transform to digitalization.

Beautiful Life——Retail Industry

We have more than 100 stores, How to efficiently recommend daily chemical products to users has always been a problem. We were pleasantly surprised to see that every user was interested about these mirrors, willing to use its skin testing function and accepted the recommendation of cosmetics. The purchase rate was greatly improved!

Joyce-College Students

I want to learn how to make up for myself, but there's always no suitable school for me to learn. When I got this beauty mirror, I thought that was what I was looking for! The built-in skin detection function lets me know more about my skin; From the mirror you can connect directly to the make-up expert, one-on-one instruction on how to make up, it's incredible!

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